Version 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0 introduces the following changes:

  • Swedish translation completed – thanks Johannes!
  • Basic support for Campaign Maps from Territory Helper:
    • Users who are only allowed see “assigned” maps in ServicePlanner will now see Campaign map assignments as well.
    • Maps assigned as part of a Campaign will show a “trumpet” icon (see screenshots).
    • Maps assigned to you will show the icon in colour. Maps assigned to others will show in grey (see screenshot).
    • Campaigns Maps assigned to you can now be returned from ServicePlanner.
    • If a map is assigned as part of the main Territory workflow AND as part of a Campaign, the main Territory workflow will take precedence.
  • Fixed a minor issue some users had updating the Workflow dates.
  • Fixed a minor display issue when grouping Contacts by Phone number.


Thank you again for using ServicePlanner. If you feel inspired to leave a review on the App Store it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    Thanx Brothers for all your hard work in helping us keep organized. I know at times, technology can be frustrating however you are doing a fabulous job!!!


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