Version 1.3.3

The Timer App Badge is now disabled by default. If you want to show the red “1” on the App icon when the Timer is running, please enable it in Settings > Timer or Settings > Notifications.

Several bug fixes:

  • Fixed Service Year not always including the custom monthly goals in Projected Hours calculation (Issue #163)
  • Fixed Carried Minutes being applied to wrong month in some Time Zones (Issue #162)
  • Fixed UI date issue when showing Time Selector in some Time Zones (Issue #164)
  • Fixed issue with consecutive imported Contacts inheriting Visits
  • Some changes to the Dropbox sync rules of the Report data

I hope this update helps you to be increasingly more effective in your ministry and get the most out of using ServicePlanner.

Positive reviews on the App Store are incredibly helpful. If you are enjoying ServicePlanner, and feel inspired to leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Thanks for your support.

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