Show Contacts to Visit Today on the Map

So you have a list of Contacts on your Today screen, all organised to visit today. But how do you view these contacts on the Map view? It is very easy.

On the Today screen, above the list of Contacts, are 2 buttons.

  1. The Overdue button will toggle the list to include or exclude overdue calls
  2. The Apply Filter button will filter the Contacts on the Calls tab so that it mirrors the list on the Today screen. It does this by setting the Filter “Next Visit Date” to Today’s date.

If you hit the Apply Filter button then you can switch to the Map view and it will show Todays contacts on the map.

Demo Screencast

Use Filters to Show All Contacts Again

If you want to clear the applied Filter showing just today’s contacts, then just hit the Filter button top/left of the Contacts List. For example, you can use the pre-existing Saved Filters like “Contacts by Locality” to display all your active contacts grouped by locality and sorted by Last Visit Date.